High heels: The price of beauty

When walking in heels….

We all aspire to look like this:


When in reality, we most likely look like this…



Being a total of 5’1, I am all about sky high heels. Wearing heels puts me at about the same height as most of my girlfriends. If we’re getting ready and everyone else decides to wear heels, you better believe I am required to wear them as well or I look like a little tag along 12 year old child.

As much as I love the looks of high pumps, I absolutely hate the aching feeling that comes half way through the night. I also hate the awkward walk that comes along with this pain.

I’m not going to lie, I once face planted in the middle of a bar while wearing my highest heels. It was embarrassing, and as depressing as it is, I to this day have never worn those heels again.


I decided to do a little research on how to make heels a little more comfortable and wearable. 

–       Apparently having strong legs will make wearing heels more comfortable. Having strong calves will allow you to wear heels longer with less pain. Try doing some toe raises.

–       Make sure you are wearing the correct size

–       Practice walking in your new shoes. This will break them in and also help you get a feel for them before you are out in public. Scuffing up the bottoms will help them become less slippery.

–       To help with slippery-ness you can also put some duct tape on the bottom.

–       Invest in some cushions or insoles to stick in your heels. This will help take pressure off.

–       And whatever you do… DO NOT TAKE YOUR HEELS OFF WHILE OUT! Your feet will swell and the heels will be about 20x more uncomfortable than before you took them off.

If stilettos aren’t your thing, try investing in a pair of wedges. Wedges are cute, casual, and much more comfortable and easier to maneuver than heels.



July 8, 2012 · 8:40 pm

3 responses to “High heels: The price of beauty

  1. Thanks for the tips. Wish I had seen this post before senior prom. I wore my highest heels that night and my ankle gave out before I even got to prom. Not fun! Lol

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