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DIY Distressed High Waisted Shorts

For almost over a year now I have been wanting to make my own distressed denim shorts. I have bought multiple pairs of high waisted shorts from Forever 21, but they have never felt as authentic as the home made kind. Part of the reason I haven’t gotten around to making any is because I haven’t been able to find any “mom jeans” from Goodwill in my correct size. Guess none of our moms were size zero back in the day, huh?

I was rummaging around the local Goodwill the other day, and it was not a shock to me when I still couldn’t find a do-able pair in my small size. I was poking around in the larger section and a perfect pair caught my eye. I decided to give them a try. Can’t hurt right? To my surprise, they fit! Note: when making your own high waisted shorts from “mom jeans” don’t go by the size label on the tag. I ended up with a pair marked 7 sizes bigger than my normal size.

Today I am going to give you guys a little tutorial on how I made my own DIY shorts.

Step one: Get a pair of “mom jeans” from a local thrift shop. You can tell they are high waisted by the long crouch. They usually have a long zipper. Make sure the jeans aren’t made from stretchy material or they will be tight on your thighs once you cut them into shorts, not flattering!

Step two: Put your jeans on and mark with a pen where you want your shorts to end.

Step three: Take a ruler and measure one inch down from your previous mark.

Step four: Fold your jeans in half.

Step five: Gradually cut pieces off until you hit your second mark. This is to make sure you don’t make a mistake and accidentally cut too much off. You don’t want to accidentally make your shorts too short.

You now have shorts!

Next you can make them distressed however you chose. I chose to use a needle, sandpaper, and an X-Acto knife.

Once you are finished “distressing”, throw your shorts in the washer and dryer. This will help the fringes come out and give them their optimal look!

You can also add studs, fabrics, or anything else you would like to make them personalized! I am planning to stud the back pockets of mine with studs I ordered from eBay.

Good luck!



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