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P&G “Thank you mom” Campaign

I have always admired Proctor and Gambles advertising and public relations campaigns. They have been shown as examples of how to design and execute a good campaign in many of my advertising, public relations, and marketing classes. I personally am a fan because they are always heart warming and are able to key in on the emotional appeal of their target audience.

P&G has always been “a proud sponsor of moms”. During the 2012 summer olympic season, they are launching their biggest campaign yet, “Thank you mom”. This campaign celebrates moms of athletes and mothers everywhere. P&G will be running many television and radio ads (the most recent seen above) honoring mothers. They will be raising $5 million dollars for organizations and foundations that support local sports programs. P&G will also help send  Olympian mothers to London to support their athletes!

Now I know that this campaign was originally launched in April, but the most recent commercial really caught my attention and prompted me  to want to do a little write up about it. In my opinion, this campaign is the perfect example as to how advertising and public relations can team up and work wonders!

The official press release for this campaign can be found here: Proctor and Gamble



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