How to dress for your first internship interview

It’s summertime, the time of the year when most ambitious college professionals seek out internships to boost their resumes. You’ve searched long and hard for the perfect fit, spent countless hours filling out applications and tweeking your resume and cover letters to perfection.  After much anticipation and waiting around, the phone finally rings and BAM- you have an interview with your dream internship! Once the details have been discussed and relief finally starts to set in, reality hits. WHAT DO I WEAR TO THIS  STINKIN INTERVIEW? 

As most of you, this too was my first thought. Before this I had little to no reason to dress professionally for any occasion. I did an extensive closet search, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had quite a few items to work with. I chose to stick with a pair of basic black slacks, conservative blouse, black blazer, and some black heels! All things most fashionistas would be able to dig up in their closet.

You never know what kind of environment you will be walking into. The office could be super casual or filled with people in suits. No matter the case, you ALWAYS want to be dressed to impress.

A few basic rules of thumb for interview attire:

–       Be conservative. No short skirts, spaghetti straps, cleavage, etc. This corporation is interested in your brains, not your rockin’ bod!

–       Wear a modest heel. Don’t wear anything with a platform or something that could be mistaken as potentially a striper heel.  A two to three inch heel should do the trick. Once you get the job you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you can wear flats to the office (SCORE!).  However until that day comes, stick to heels.

–       Stick with slacks.  Yes, dresses and skirts are much cuter,  but in order to avoid any awkward skirt “slip ups”, stick with slacks.

–       Absolutely no jeans!! Even if they are black. Or extremely expensive. Or you think they look great. It doesn’t matter, jeans are never acceptable for interviews.

–       Light on the makeup. Go for a natural but put together look. Save the dark eye shadow for a night out with the girls!

Now that you’re sure to be wearing appropriate attire, don’t forget to mentally prepare yourself. Stay calm, be yourself, and you’re sure to nail that dream internship!


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