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Social media explained….. through a donut

I came across this while browsing blogs today and I thought it was absolutely hilarious.  Sadly, each point on this board is completely, 100% accurate.

It seems that every time I look through my social networks, there are countless uploads of the food my friends and followers are eating at that very moment. Social media today causes us to upload and share every aspect of our life on multiple platforms.

Lately I have been thinking about what effect our uploading has on various products and companies. Whether it be positive to negative, we are spreading brand awareness for a given company with the click of a button. Word of mouth is now able to travel much more quickly and easily.

Take for instance the recent Chick Fil A scandal. Before I was able to actually read a credible article about this situation, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were flooded with posts containing friends opinions on the situation. Negative word of mouth was rapidly spreading about Chick Fil A from sources who really didn’t know 100% what was going on!

In my opinion, social media is a blessing AND a nightmare for PR peeps. It’s an awesome tool to utilize for your benefit, but in ┬ánegative situations it can cause extreme havoc.

***This blog posts is solely my opinion and it not based on facts.


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Social Media Suicide

We all have that one friend. The one that posts pictures of herself doing beer funnels off a two story building. The one who uploads 234879 pictures with a million different guys a night trying to make her ex jealous. The one who posts her drunken escapades on every single social networking site known to mankind. The one who tweets, “OMG SOO DRUNK RIGHT NOW”. Like omg, don’t you know everyone and their mother can see this information that you so generously put out there for them?!

Now a days social media sites can pretty much make or break you, especially if you planning on entering fields that use these regularly such as public relations, marketing, and advertising.

I don’t think students realize that your future boss or internship employer most likely use every social media site that you do. And they most likely will check out your pages before giving you a job. The job market has become so competitive. If a position comes down to you and another potential employee, the employer will most likely check out your social media and compare the two of you!

Consider this. You are applying to your dream job. You’ve made it all the way to the final interview process. It is now between you and just one other person. You and this other person have equivalent resumes. You both graduated at the top of your class and have outstanding campus involvement. The only thing the company has to make the decision between the two of you is your social media sites. They click on your competition first. His profile picture is of him and his dog on a hike in the mountains. Yours is of you taking shots with your friends. Based on this first impression, who do you think is going to get this job?

Now I know a lot of people say “Oh my profile is on private. No one can see what I post!” There are so many ways around this. There are many programs out there that companies can use to see your profile. If you have a mutual friend, they can also use the more simpler approach and just ask if they will let them log on and see your profile.

I could literally go on about this forever. But I will spare you that misery. Moral of the story is- be careful what you are posting on social media sites! They are not as private as you think and once you put something out there, it is out there forever. What you post now could easily hurt your future career.

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June 27, 2012 · 7:27 pm