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Smoothies: The lazy girl meal

I will be the first to admit that I am not the most domestic woman out there. Spending hours in the kitchen preparing a homemade meal has just never been in the cards for me.

Even though I am not much of a cook, I enjoy eating healthy. One of my favorite snacks/small meals are smoothies! They are fast, easy, and if made with the right ingredients, they provide you with many essential nutrients in one easy meal.

I’ve found that using frozen fruit as a key ingredient in smoothies works best. They eliminate the need to use ice, therefore making the smoothie much more flavorful. Frozen fruits also do not perish, so you don’t have to worry about buying a ton of fresh fruit that is just going to go bad quickly. I do like throwing in a fresh banana when I have one available.

Many fruit juices are filled with sugars and contain very little actual fruit juice. My favorite juice to use is Diet V8 Splash. This juice provides you a full serving of fruits and veggies in each glass! In my opinion, it is one of the healthiest juices on the market. I have recently also started buying Silk Fruit and Protein in mango peach. This juice mixture contains protein, calcium, and fruit juice. It will also make a much more creamier smoothie.

If I’m not using Silk Fruit and Protein, I usually will throw in a serving of yogurt to give me a source of calcium and protein.


My typical smoothie recipe:

–       Frozen mango

–       Frozen pineapple

–       One banana

–       Diet mango peach V8 Splash

–       One yogurt serving


I use a Hamilton Brach single serve blender. It’s the perfect size for one serving and the container is easy to take with you on the go if you are in a rush.



I have found that smoothies are great for a nutritious breakfast or a light mid-day snack for those of us who are not quite Betty Crocker 😉




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July 23, 2012 · 12:56 pm

High heels: The price of beauty

When walking in heels….

We all aspire to look like this:


When in reality, we most likely look like this…



Being a total of 5’1, I am all about sky high heels. Wearing heels puts me at about the same height as most of my girlfriends. If we’re getting ready and everyone else decides to wear heels, you better believe I am required to wear them as well or I look like a little tag along 12 year old child.

As much as I love the looks of high pumps, I absolutely hate the aching feeling that comes half way through the night. I also hate the awkward walk that comes along with this pain.

I’m not going to lie, I once face planted in the middle of a bar while wearing my highest heels. It was embarrassing, and as depressing as it is, I to this day have never worn those heels again.


I decided to do a little research on how to make heels a little more comfortable and wearable. 

–       Apparently having strong legs will make wearing heels more comfortable. Having strong calves will allow you to wear heels longer with less pain. Try doing some toe raises.

–       Make sure you are wearing the correct size

–       Practice walking in your new shoes. This will break them in and also help you get a feel for them before you are out in public. Scuffing up the bottoms will help them become less slippery.

–       To help with slippery-ness you can also put some duct tape on the bottom.

–       Invest in some cushions or insoles to stick in your heels. This will help take pressure off.

–       And whatever you do… DO NOT TAKE YOUR HEELS OFF WHILE OUT! Your feet will swell and the heels will be about 20x more uncomfortable than before you took them off.

If stilettos aren’t your thing, try investing in a pair of wedges. Wedges are cute, casual, and much more comfortable and easier to maneuver than heels.


July 8, 2012 · 8:40 pm

Social Media Suicide

We all have that one friend. The one that posts pictures of herself doing beer funnels off a two story building. The one who uploads 234879 pictures with a million different guys a night trying to make her ex jealous. The one who posts her drunken escapades on every single social networking site known to mankind. The one who tweets, “OMG SOO DRUNK RIGHT NOW”. Like omg, don’t you know everyone and their mother can see this information that you so generously put out there for them?!

Now a days social media sites can pretty much make or break you, especially if you planning on entering fields that use these regularly such as public relations, marketing, and advertising.

I don’t think students realize that your future boss or internship employer most likely use every social media site that you do. And they most likely will check out your pages before giving you a job. The job market has become so competitive. If a position comes down to you and another potential employee, the employer will most likely check out your social media and compare the two of you!

Consider this. You are applying to your dream job. You’ve made it all the way to the final interview process. It is now between you and just one other person. You and this other person have equivalent resumes. You both graduated at the top of your class and have outstanding campus involvement. The only thing the company has to make the decision between the two of you is your social media sites. They click on your competition first. His profile picture is of him and his dog on a hike in the mountains. Yours is of you taking shots with your friends. Based on this first impression, who do you think is going to get this job?

Now I know a lot of people say “Oh my profile is on private. No one can see what I post!” There are so many ways around this. There are many programs out there that companies can use to see your profile. If you have a mutual friend, they can also use the more simpler approach and just ask if they will let them log on and see your profile.

I could literally go on about this forever. But I will spare you that misery. Moral of the story is- be careful what you are posting on social media sites! They are not as private as you think and once you put something out there, it is out there forever. What you post now could easily hurt your future career.

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June 27, 2012 · 7:27 pm